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Plumbing Tips for Caravans


Every 6 Months.

1. Please understand that as your caravan travels, the pipes move and vibrate too, so after your first time travelling check all gas joints and water joints. Pipes may need time to settle in.

FOR GAS - turn gas bottle on, then spray soapy water on the joints. Continuous bubbles means there's a leak.

FOR WATER - turn 12V pump ON or connect mains water and proceed to check all water joints for leaking water.

Remove the inspection covers such as the back of the shower tap to inspect pipes.

Every 12 Months

1. Change your hot water service anode if it has one.

2. Flush all fresh and grey water tanks.

3. Replace your internal drinking water filter cartridge if your caravan has one.

4. Remove and clean your tempering valve including its internal mesh.

General Advice

1. Always turn 12V pump OFF when connected to mains water and when travelling.

2. Do not connect any drainage hose to your caravan with less than 35mm INTERNAL diameter and no more than 5m long.

3. Poor water quality is a big issue for caravans here in Australia - it is recommended that you have a pre-water-filter on your garden hose to filter all the water going into your van; this helps to protect all taps, filters, hot water service and all other water fittings and components in your caravan.

4. When preparing for a trip, test all your plumbing and appliances before hitting the road.

When in Storage

1. Before putting your caravan into storage, cover/seal all vents and pipes such as HWS vents, fridge vents, all open pipes, etc. to protect againts wasp nests, spiders, and other wildlife that might see your nice caravan as a good home for themselves.

2. Turn 12V water pump off.

3. Release water pressure in pipes by turning a tap on.

4. Turn gas bottles off when not in use.

5. Turn off mains water, gas bottles, and 12V pump when away from your caravan.

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