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Husqvarna Z554L

Husqvarna Z554L

The Husqvarna Z500 series zero turn mower represents the latest design focused on productivity, durability and cut quality. Providing extreme comfort, high ground speeds and superior traction adds up to exceptional mowing efficiency. Industrial strength throughout the entire design assures of a long & durable service life in commercial mowing applications. Careful design consideration provides unprecedented ease in serviceability.

  • Capacity


    Cutting width 137 cm
    Speed forward max 19.3 km/h
    Cutting deck  
    Cutting deck type 10-gauge fabricated
    Cutting height min 30 mm
    Cutting height max 130 mm
    Weight 551 kg
    Engine name FX Series V-Twin
    Power output 20.1 kW
    Cylinder displacement 852 cm³
    Fuel tank volume 45.4 l
    Seat type Premium, suspension
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